“If you have a dream, you can make it happen! Awaken the Power of the Mind, Body and Soul.”

Monika Papadopoulou

Founder of Aqwa

Overview about the program

Aqwa is a women empowerment program that aims to empower Women across the region to start their own business. Aqwa works on enhancing economic opportunities for individuals by carrying out affirmative actions in support of entrepreneurs starting, formalizing and growing their enterprises.

“If you have a dream, you can make it happen! Awaken the Power of the Mind, Body and Soul”

Monika Papadopoulou Founder of Aqwa

Our team of experts will guide you with the basic tools and skills you require to start up a business as well as different skills to empower yourself to grow. Aqwa will put at the disposal of talented women a range of start-up development tools, world class trainers and prizes.

Our “Aqwa Influencers” from across the region that are supporting the program will help the corresponding NGOs crowdfund 3 eligible startup ideas that will receive cash prizes and many other complimentary services that will add value to their business.

The program will not only provide online training on various business skills to bring your business to life, but will also focus on helping you become the best version of yourself by focusing on developing the mind, strengthening the body and comforting the soul. Aqwa aims to make you a self-empowered, confident and more productive version of your authentic self.

We will cover wellbeing topics, business soft skills and how to build a financially sustainable business model. Online training, webinars and workshops will be provided in Arabic and English.

Online Course Complimentary for all participants.

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